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The MX57 Promise: Awning Roller Tube, Dealing with Protection, Repair & Warranties

CJ Migues (inventor and founder of the MegaX57 - an awning parts company) Announced last Thursday in a board meeting that purchasers who register the installation of an MX57 that has been installed by any of our authorized dealers in the USA will be protected by our 100% unconditional 3 year guarantee. If your professionally installed & registered Roller Tube were to break within 3 years of installation, MX57 will pay for the replacement and installation of you new roller tube.
The purchaser must fax or email a signed installation receipt from an authorized dealer upon installation of their MX57. The client (purchaser) will have 30 Days to register their MX57 installation receipt with MX57 from the date of purchase (send to:

We are very excited to be involved with a company and product that fully stands behind it's name. The MegaX57 is definitely one of the biggest and greatest things to hit the RV Awning Repair market today!

If you're a rv service company and have not yet registered with us, please take a minute and do so today. Registration is free and takes less than one minute! 
To register call today. 813-622-7796 and ask for CJ Migues.